Weekly Marketing Feed #24: Facebook Launches New Independent Artist Program

Our weekly report including the latest updates from the Digital Marketing & Social Media world is here!

On this feed, you will learn about:

  1. Twitter Will Let Spaces Hosts Download an Audio File of Their Space
  2. Facebook Launches New Independent Artist Program
  3. Instagram Launches Reels Ads in All Regions
  4. Facebook Partners Improve Key Health Messaging
  5. Snapchat Adds New Developer Tools for Spotlight

Check out the new updates we found: 

1 Twitter Will Let Spaces Hosts Download an Audio File of Their Space


Twitter notes, in order to access the audio, which Twitter keeps on file for 30 days for potential moderation purposes, users will need to download their personal data files, which Twitter will provide for you, on request, via the ‘Your Account’ section in your profile settings.
Twitter’s been working on audio download options for the past few months, and will likely, eventually, improve this process, so that you don’t have to download all of your Twitter info in order to access the audio file.
Twitter is leading the way, with the reach and engagement potential of Spaces much higher than Clubhouse rooms, and the functionality also improving, including discoverability, which is growing challenge for Clubhouse as it continues to expand.

(Social Media Today)

2 Facebook Launches New Independent Artist Program


Facebook’s launching a new Independent Artist Program to help unsigned musicians make their content available on Facebook and Instagram, free of charge.
“Undistributed artists and creators can now easily distribute their music for use on Facebook and Instagram products like Stories, Reels, and anywhere else we offer a music library. We’ve partnered with preferred third-party music distribution companies to help you get your music on Facebook and Instagram quickly, seamlessly and at no cost to you.”
Through this program, artists would be able to add their tracks to music stickers on all of Facebook’s tools, and that may prove valuable for many creators – especially those who already have a presence in its apps.

(Social Media Today

3 Instagram Launches Reels Ads in All Regions


Facebook has announced a new set of sponsored chat themes for Messenger, as well as a new quick reply bar for shared images, and QR and payment links which make it easier to request and send money within your message threads.
The main addition here is that the process will enable users to send money to, or request money from, anyone in the app, even if you’re not connected to them already.
These are some interesting updates, and while the chat themes have been around for a while now, and streamlined replies for images are not revolutionary, as such, they all add to the broader picture in the app, and build on its capacity, particularly for promotions and transactions.

(Social Media Today)

4 Facebook Partners Improve Key Health Messaging


Instagram is pushing ahead with the expansion of Reels ads, with the new format to be made available in all regions from today.
Reel’s ads will be displayed in full-screen format, and will be shown in between individual Reels.
Instagram will be hoping that this format, at least, does yield positive results for its ad partners.
But it’s still a fair way behind TikTok, and with a recent report suggesting that users are now spending more time in TikTok than they are in either Facebook or Instagram, Facebook will no doubt remain focused on promoting Reels usage, as it looks to stop its users from migrating across, and getting sucked into the never-ending vortex of TikTok’s highly attuned video feed.

(Social Media Today)

5 Snapchat Adds New Developer Tools for Spotlight


Users are now able to create Spotlight videos with these additional creative tools, and directly publish them to the Spotlight feed.
With various functionalities, providing new ways to create wholly different Spotlight clips, beyond the creative tools in the main app.
The expanded toolset also provides more opportunity for Snapchat to stumble onto the next viral trend in the format, and while it has a way to go to catch up to TikTok, Snapchat has long relied on creative tools to boost awareness and usage.

(Social Media Today)

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