Weekly Marketing Feed #18: Facebook Updates regarding iOS 14.5 and how to Keep Data Tracking On

Our weekly report including the latest updates from the Digital Marketing & Social Media world is here!

On this feed, you will learn about the Facebook Updates regarding iOS 14.5, the New Captions Sticker on Instagram, Twitter’s Audio Spaces and Offensive Comment Alerts, and how to Maximize Career Resilience on LinkedIn!


Check out the new updates we found: 

1 Facebook Updates regarding iOS 14.5 and how to Keep Data Tracking On


With Apple now rolling out its controversial new data tracking prompts as part of iOS 14.5, Facebook has added a new element to its own iOS 14.5 prompts, which now employ a form of scare tactic to encourage users not to switch off data tracking.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly stated that the company’s apps will remain free, via its ad supported model.

(Social Media Today)

2 Instagram Officially Launches the New Captions Sticker


After testing them out over the past few months, Instagram has today officially launched its new captions sticker in Instagram Stories, providing another way for you to expand the accessibility of your Stories content.

When you add the new Captions sticker to your captured video, it will auto-generate text captions based on the audio input. The auto-captions won’t be 100% accurate all of the time, but you’ll also be able to edit the text, as well as the text color, position and font, to best suit your presentation.

(Social Media Today

3 Twitter Announces Audio Spaces


The next phase of the audio social push is here, with Twitter announcing that its Clubhouse-like Spaces feature is now being made available to all users, on both iOS and Android, with over 600 followers.

The push to open up Spaces to Android users has been inspired, in part, by Clubhouse’s lack of Android option, and this new shift will heap a lot more pressure onto the Clubhouse team.

(Social Media Today)

4 LinkedIn Provides Tips on How to Maximize Career Resilience


LinkedIn recently analyzed a randomized sample of three million LinkedIn members from across the world, in order to determine how their LinkedIn connections and activity have facilitated job transitions and developments.
LinkedIn’s research focused on the relationship between people’s LinkedIn connection graph and career mobility – i.e. how quickly somebody moves into their next job.
If you’re more actively engaged in establishing connections, you’re more likely to find new opportunities, and faster, as a result.

(Social Media Today)

5 Twitter Launches Updated Offensive Comment Alerts


After recently re-launching its test of warning prompts on tweet replies that contain potentially offensive remarks, Twitter is now rolling out a new, updated version of the prompts, across both iOS and Android. This utilizes an improved detection algorithm to avoid misidentification, while they also aim to provide more context and options to help users better understand what the warning alerts mean.

The new version of the prompt aims to be more helpful and polite, while also getting better at determining the meaning behind tweets.

(Social Media Today)

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