Weekly Marketing Feed #17: Facebook Will Enable Businesses to Create Ads Within WhatsApp

Our weekly report including the latest updates from the Digital Marketing & Social Media world is here!

On this feed, you will learn about the Lead Generation Ads on TikTok,  the new eCommerce tools by Zuckerberg, ‘Record Engagement’ by LinkedIn, WhatsApp ads by Facebook and information about YouTube’s revenue!


Check out the new updates we found: 

1 TikTok Launches Lead Generation Ads


TikTok is looking to help advertisers gain more direct insight on potential customers via a new Lead Generation ad option, which will enable brands to capture user data direct from their in-stream ads.

When people fill in your Lead Generation form, the information is then stored on TikTok, to be downloaded at a time of your choosing (with relevant privacy provisions in place), while the data can also be directly integrated into your CRM, adding to your proprietary information stores.

(Social Media Today)

2 Zuckerberg Presents New Revenue Tools for Creators


Facebook is planning to add more tools to help Instagram creators earn money from their efforts, included creator shops, new Branded Content promotional deal frameworks, and an improved influencer marketplace to connect users and brands.

According to Zuckerberg, Creator Shops would be similar to its existing Instagram and Facebook shops for eCommerce, but would be open to a broader range of users, aside from just business accounts.

(Social Media Today

3 LinkedIn Continues to See ‘Record Engagement’


LinkedIn continues to see ‘record engagement’, with overall sessions up 29%, according to the latest performance update from parent company Microsoft.

LinkedIn’s also seeing steady growth in ad sales, in line with usage trends.
With Microsoft taking over LinkedIn back in 2016, we lost the more in-depth usage and performance data on LinkedIn specifically, including charts on user growth, engagement, etc.
Instead, now we only get a small summary within Microsoft’s broader results listings, which provides a basic overview of the platform’s numbers.

(Social Media Today)

4 Facebook Will Enable Businesses to Create Ads Within WhatsApp


With Facebook working to make WhatsApp a more all-encompassing tool for business and personal use, it’s also looking to provide more promotional tools for brands on WhatsApp, in order to raise awareness of their connection options via message.

As explained by CNN:

“Business users will now be able to select an item from their catalog and quickly turn it into a Facebook or Instagram ad with a button directing viewers back to their WhatsApp profile.”

(Social Media Today)

5 YouTube Reports 49% Jump in Ad Revenue


This week, YouTube’s parent company Alphabet reported its Q1 2021 results, which showed that YouTube brought in $6 billion in ad revenue for the period, up 49% year-on-year. That’s a huge result, which now puts YouTube on pace to beat digital video rival Netflix in annual earnings.
The numbers reflect YouTube’s growing presence in the video landscape, which is now reaching beyond the digital realm, as people increasingly watch YouTube content on their home TV sets.

(Social Media Today)

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