Weekly Marketing Feed #21: TikTok Publishes New Marketing Guide for SMBs

Our weekly report including the latest updates from the Digital Marketing & Social Media world is here!

On this feed, you will learn about Twitter Blue’ Subscription Offering, Twitter’s Audio Social Platform, TikTok’s New ‘Preview’ Option, TikTok’s New Marketing Guide for SMBs and LinkedIn’s Tips on Effective Brand Marketing Approaches!

Check out the new updates we found: 

1 Twitter Blue’ Subscription Offering is Slowly Taking Shape


Twitter Blue, which is currently listed at $US2.99 per month, would give subscribers access to several add-on features to enhance their on-platform experience.
No doubt many people won’t be looking to pay, but that doesn’t really matter, because Twitter only needs a small percentage of its users to sign on, in order to make it worth developing.
And if you’re not interested, you can keep using Twitter as you always have.

(Social Media Today)

2 Twitter Continues to Develop its Audio Social Platform


Twitter has taken another steady leap forward in the evolving audio social sphere by adding Spaces access via the web, meaning that you can now tune into Twitter Spaces from your desktop PC.
But early teething problems aside, the ability to access Spaces on the web is a significant advance, as it not only opens up the option to even more users, but it also enables hosts and speakers to use their PC microphones and audio set-ups, which will lend itself to more professional sounding, higher quality Spaces streams.
It’s a good, valuable addition, which will further enhance Twitter’s audio option, while it will also add even more pressure to Clubhouse, which has only just finished its Android app roll out to all regions.

(Social Media Today

3 TikTok Adds New ‘Preview’ Option To Show How Your Clips Will Look in the App


This is a simple, but helpful addition. TikTok is rolling out a new ‘Preview’ option within the video composer screen, which, when tapped, shows you exactly how your clip will appear in the app, including text overlays, effects placement, etc.
That’ll make it easier to avoid accidentally putting your text behind one of the buttons, or obscuring your focus content behind the lower description.
But this would provide a means to use the same on your organic posts, which could be a big, simple help in your creative process.

(Social Media Today)

4 TikTok Publishes New Marketing Guide for SMBs


As part of its broader ‘Small Business Month’ initiative, through which it’s sought to highlight the benefits of the platform for SMBs, and promote smaller operators in the app, TikTok has published a new, 60-page guide on how SMBs can make best use of its tools, including a range of explainers, tips, overviews and case studies to provide perspective and guidance for those looking to map out a more effective TikTok strategy.
As noted, the new guide looks to outline the benefits of TikTok for small business promotion, and includes a range of engagement stats and pointers aligned with this approach.

(Social Media Today)

5 LinkedIn Shares Tips on Effective Brand Marketing Approaches in New Guide

The platform is seeing record levels of engagement, and is now up to 740 million total members, while on-platform activity is likely to ramp up throughout the year as the vaccine roll-out continues on, and more industries look to get back on track in the wake of the pandemic.
That could provide a range of new opportunities for your business – but in order to capitalize on such, maximizing brand awareness is key. And if you are looking to improve your LinkedIn standing, this new guide could help

(Social Media Today)

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